ATC Construction provides construction and maintenance services to the property management industry.

Our staff has extensive knowledge of HOA management dynamics and regulations. We specialize in day-to-day maintenance of communities through the following services:

Concrete Repair

Trip hazards must be addressed quickly and effectively to comply with local laws. In addition to providing grinding and replacement, we also conduct inspections to point out any damage or potential problems.


Whether for security or boundary definition, we build and replace fences made of a variety of materials including: masonry, wood, wrought iron, aluminum, glass, vinyl and more.

Graffiti Removal

Our crews always carry the equipment and supplies needed to tackle most graffiti and unwanted paint removal- whether on concrete, stucco, wood, metal or other surfaces. Call on us at any time.

Handyman Repairs

ATC provides repairs based on Time & Materials with set NTE’s, or Maintenance Contracts for a set number of hours at a discounted rate.

Holiday Lighting

We have been decorating communities for more than a decade, designing according to your vision or recommending our own. Year after year our team maximizes the budget to deliver that WOW factor. We do the work; you get the glory.

Mailbox Replacement

Whether you’re keeping the same style or looking to update, we will remove old boxes and replace them with new ones. We have experience with wood post, metal post and multi-cluster.

Mastic Replacement

Pools are the largest community asset and need to be maintained. Most pool decks have mastic in the joints to allow expansion and contraction while keeping moisture where it belongs. Most mastic needs to be replaced about every four years.


Whether it's touching up a door, painting the pool’s wrought iron or refreshing the entire community, ATC has the expertise to complete the job. Our painting crews are specialists in their field and have extensive experience in all types of applications and coatings.

Pressure Washing

With government guidelines on what can and can’t go down a drain, it’s important to hire a company that understands and complies with these guidelines. ATC has up-to-date pressure washing systems with recovery capabilities. Our policy is 100% recovery of all water at storm drains.

Rain Gutter Cleaning

The biggest problem with Southern California rain gutters is silt accumulation and downspouts that are not properly opened. ATC provides a free, no obligation assessment.

Stucco Repairs

The most important part of a stucco repair is the work you don’t see. From making sure the moisture barrier and metal lathe are installed correctly to applying a scratch coat, brown coat and finish coat, ATC has skilled team members to complete your project while keeping everything clean.

Wood Replacement

Wood damage is usually caused by dry rot, termites or lack of maintenance. ATC will assess the extent of the damage and either fix it safely, or rebuild the structure if it’s past the point of repair.

This is just a sampling of the services we offer. Please reach out with your specific needs.